Ludzkość poznała podobno tylko 1% głębi oceanów. Ich odkrywanie to prawdziwa podróż w nieznane podobnie jak doświadczanie mroźnego charakteru ICE FLOE. 
Poznaj naszą nowoczesną wódkę premium stworzoną z myślą o indywidualistach. Produkujemy ją starannie w małych partiach.

So far, mankind has explored only 1% of the oceans. To discover them is an incredible journey into the unknown, so is experiencing the frosty nature of ICE FLOE. Meet our modern premium vodka created for the Individualist!. We produce ICE FLOE carefully in small batches.
Minimal carbon footprint

Minimal carbon footprint

Constantly striving to completely reduce the carbon footprint of our product.

Ecological production

Ecological production

Vodka is produced in a closed circuit, so that the entire process does not affect the environment

Social responsbility

Social responsbility

1% of each bottle is donated to the ABC Foundation. Together we are fighting to stop the melting of glaciers!


14-16 milion years

Sourced from timeless artesian waters

112 m

is the depth of our own well located in Puszcza Zielonka neighbourhood

5 times

cleaner water than that directly from the tap

Where to Buy

ICE FLOE can be found only reputable points of sale in Poland:


– Shops with exclisive spirits,
– Hotel bars
– Restaurants and pubs



You wont to offer ICE FLOE to your clients in a hotel, restaurant or shop ? Contact us ! We will help you successfully introduce a new product to your offer.

email: [email protected]

el. (+48) 536 565 959

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